These are photographic collaborations with my autistic friend, Will Johns. He selects the subject matter and operates the light meter. His autism informs his methods, which then affects my methods. His idiosyncratic choices force me to photograph subject matter I wouldn’t be drawn to and compose in a new way, where I must consider Will as author, subject and subject matter. In these images Will stands with the light meter, his posture, gaze and facial expressions explicitly make reference to our relationship and reveal the complexity in separating subject matter from subject and the difficulties artists face with issues of exploitation and authorship.

Campus Door Sticker 2012

Patrick's Point Meadow 2011

Capitol Door 2012

Sequoia Park Duck Pond 2011

Horse Statue 2011

Trees of Mystery 2011

Law Library Arrows 2011

Patrick's Point Arrow 2011

Dry Creek 2012

Law Building Painting 2011

Capitol Annex Hallway 2011

Kacy 2011

Capitol Grounds Fountain 2012

Arboretum Fountain 2012

Shovel 2012